Magic in the Dresden world.

Magic is a cornerstone of the Dresden world and while Shadowrun does have magic, the mechanics don’t really line up correctly with Dresden so here is how we are going to do Magic.

Unless otherwise noted magic follows the rules outlined in section 8 of the rule book.

To allow characters to perform the types of magic that Harry does all magical characters are going to be Magicians (take the appropriate Magic Points for your buy in) additionally all Magicians will be able to perform Sorcery, Conjuring, and Enchanting.

You must buy the skills to perform the types of magic you intend to use. No unskilled magical use is allowed. e.g. If you do not buy into summoning you cannot do it.

I am not making any changes to Adepts. If you are playing an adept you still use PP for accessing your special abilities.

Magic Timing

Casting can be done in combat without any additional preparation. You can cast the spells you know as a basic action.

Summoning takes time, preparation, and space, not things that will be readily available in your average street fight. To keep with the Dresden feel summoning will take at minimum of 30 minutes. You must specify the type of thing you are summoning. Elemental, Demon, God, Fae, etc… Once the summoning is complete you must bind the creature in a pact. That can be as simple as releasing them for a promise to help you and your friends at a later date. You might trade information for help or for a temporary power up.

Rituals take the longest amount of time and often have to be performed at a specific time and/or place. Rituals most of the time imbue an item or a person with some power that can then be triggered later.


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